Spot Guide - Fischland/Darss/Zingst

Fischland/Darss/Zingst is located in the Northeastern part of Germany about 60km to the East of / an hour’s drive from the city of Rostock. The region is named after three former separate islands, which are now interconnected with each other due to sand being constantly washed along the Baltic coast forming ever new shorelines over the past centuries.

The main features of this region are its beautiful sandy beaches, small and cute villages and the Bodden, a shallow, lakelide water seperating the narrow land of the ‘peninsula’ from the mainland. The economic life used to be dominated by agriculture and fishing, whereas nowadays tourism is the main sector in this region. The village of Ahrenshoop has inspired many painters and artisans due to its natural beauty, remoteness and its colorful painted houses with reed covered roofs, which are also be found in the neighbouring villages along the peninsular.

The „Bodden“
Due to its low depth it is possible to walk into the water for some hundreds meter, before it gets too deep. Therefore it is mostly suitable for beginners an intermediates, who would like to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing. The downside is, that you may touch ground with your long freeride fin - more a problem for windsurfers rather than kitesurfers.

The water quality differs in the western part of the Bodden (Saaler Bodden) (where the exchange of water is limited and the water is less salty and more muddy) from the eastern part ‘Grabow’, where the Bodden leads and opens up to the Baltic Sea. Thus water exchange with the Baltic Sea gradually improves towards the middle parts (Bodstedter and Barther Bodden) and is the highest in Grabow.

Be aware, that you are in the middle of a natural reserve or even the national park area and do respect the nature & wildlife around you. Don’t surf in restricted areas and do not leave your garbage at the spot. Check local regulation with regard to overnight stay and/or the possibility to BBQ.

The Spots
There are several kite and windsurfing spots around the peninsular. Starting from the Southwest you will find typical Baltic Sea conditions with moderate waves (usually 1-2m, but up to 2.5m in Wustrow/Zingst) or more freeride conditions like in Prerow. On the other hand there are the flatwater freeride spots of the Bodden.

Baltic Sea spots

     Neuhaus    Dierhagen   Wustrow   (West)
Ahrenshoop   Prerow   Zingst   (East)

Bodden spots North

Dierhagen (Dorf)   Dierhagen (Daendorf)   Born   Wieck

Bodden spots South

Pruchten   Michaelsdorf   Saal   Barth/Gloewitz

How to reach the spots?
If you arrive via Rostock (e.g. A19 from Berlin or A20 from Hamburg) change to E22/B105 at ‘Rostock Ost‘ and follow the 105 towards Ribnitz-Damgarten and further on to Stralsund for all
Bodden spots on the southern side.

For the
Baltic spots and the Bodden spots of Dierhagen and Born exit prior to Ribnitz-Damgarten towards Wustrow/Ahrenshoop and follow the road L21 (Baederstrasse) towards Zingst.


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