Fischland/Darss/Zingst (Baltic Spots West)

How to reach the spots?
For the Baltic Sea spots exit B105 to Dierhagen prior to Ribnitz-Damgarten towards Wustrow/Ahrenshoop and follow the road L21 (Baeder-strasse). For further details see description below.

The Baltic Sea Spots (West)

  1. AufzählungszeichenNeuhaus
    Take the junction to Neuhaus to the left (NVP1) before your reach Dandorf and follow the street towards North West. Keep half left (Birkenallee) towards Camping Neuhaus/Strandlaeufer and you will find the camp site and the access to the sea on the left. Parking is limited, but there is some space next to the street passing the camp site, just before each access to the beach.

    Neuhaus is quite popular for windsurfing and kite surfing as there are no groins in the water and the beach is comparably wide.

    The spot is ideal for wave riding in south-westerly winds (sideshore from the left) as the waves build up quite neatly in front of a sandbank, which  is about 50-100m off the beach. Winds from the North West are on-shore and not ideal, try out the spots further east.

  2. AufzählungszeichenDierhagen
    Loop In, the surf and kite surf school in Dierhagen (OstseeCamp) offer courses at the beach access no. 17, next to the Strandhotel Fischland. Follow Ernst-Moritz-Arndt street (NVP1) from Neuhaus towards the North East/Dierhagen) and turn left to the hotel. However, parking is very limited and you need to look for a parking space further down the NVP1 in Dierhagen.

    The beach is open for windsurfer and kite surfer between access no. 23 and 24 only for some hundred meters during the tourism season (Mai to September). Stay of the beach at a distance of min. 300m.

    Similar as in Neuhaus the beautiful sandy beach is free of groins and other obstructions and the sandbank, about 50-70m off the beach, offers some protection from the open sea and sorts the waves, which are usually a bit smaller than in Neuhaus.

  3. AufzählungszeichenWustrow
    Follow the NVP1 further towards the North East or continue on the L21 from Riebnitz-Damgarten and you will find the Surf Center just before you reach Wustrow. The center offers rental equipment and a small beach bar, toilets, shower and parking spaces at a small charge. You may also choose to stay here overnight with a camper. There is another parking lot further down the road (about 100m).

    Surf conditions are similar to Dierhagen and Neuhaus, but the beach is narrower and there are a lot more groins in the water. Still Wustrow is regarded as one of the best wave spots in the region.

    Roughly one kilometer further north east, there are even stone barriers parallel to the shore-line at a distance of 20-30m from the beach. They shall protect the pier, which stretches out into the sea from the central Strandstrasse in Wustrow. However, next to the barriers surfer wait for their next ride on the waves (see pics).

    Pics: Dierhagen (I/II)
            Wustrow Surf Center (III-V)
            Wustrow Pier (rest)


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