Fischland/Darss/Zingst (Baltic Spots East)

How to reach the spots?
For the Baltic Sea spots exit B105 to Dierhagen prior to Ribnitz-Damgarten towards Wustrow/Ahrenshoop and follow the road L21 (Baeders-trasse). For further details see description below.

The Baltic Sea Spots East

  1. AufzählungszeichenAhrenshoop
    There are basically two spots in Ahrenshoop, which are suitable for surfing. The best spot is just after you leave Ahrenshoop towards Born (beach access 3, you will find „Helios Kliniken“ on the right). You can use the parking spaces and toilettes just next to the beach access, but need to carry your gear across the main road.

    The beach is a bit narrower than in Dierhagen or Neuhaus, but still quite wide and shallow enough to stand up to 40-50m. You may find really good waves, but do watch out for groins and strong currents at this place.

    The other spot is a the entrance of Ahrens-hoop (Altenhagen), where the high cost turns a bit north. This spot is, however, a bit difficult to reach as there is no parking space next to it. From the main road („Althäger Strasse“) you need to follow the street „Weg zum Hohen Ufer“ up to its end. Again strong currents should be observed, but waves are a bit less powerful than at the other spot. Watch out for the stone barrier in the water, which runs parallel to the shoreline south of the groins. Best winds are southwesterly and north-northeasterly (side-onshore).

  2. AufzählungszeichenPrerow
    Prerow is situated on the eastern part of the peninsular, just after the coast makes a distinct turn towards Southwest and offers one of the best and widest beaches in the region. The lighthouse at Darsser Ort is in the middle of the national park area and worth a visit (no access by car).

    For windsurfing and kitesurfing you will find two schools, which are situated basically just next to the „Regenbogen Camp Site“ at the end of the street „Bernsteinweg“ wassersportschule-darss and kiteschule-darss. The beach offers enough space to rigg your gear and is shallow enough to stand for about 50m. Waves are not as high as in the western spots. Best are northwesterly to easterly winds. Observe the restricted areas and changing position of the sandbanks. Some hundred meters out you may find some bow-nets and smaller groins towards Zingst.

  3. AufzählungszeichenZingst
    The best spot in Zingst, the biggest of all towns on the peninsular is at its eastern edge (beach access 6) just off Seestrasse. There is a parking space just next to the surf and kite school kite-club bzw. die-surfschule.

    Be aware that you are not far away from the restricted area of the national park, so make sure to stay in the designated area for wind & kite surfing.

Pics: Ahrenshoop High Coast (I,II)
        Ahrenshoop High Coast (distant view III)
        Ahrenshoop near Beach Access 3 (IV-V)
        Zingst near beach access 12 (VI)
        Prerow (VII-VIII)


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