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When I first tried to windsurf it was a disaster. Back in the late eighties I tried to balance on a friends board on a lake in Bavaria. As the mast was not properly fixed to the board I lost my balance and fell on a sharp stone in the shallow waters. Great. Later back home we tried the same board with a boom, which was loosely fixed with a cord - not a brilliant experience either.

However, after joining a proper course in 1992 I got infected with the windsurfing virus and spent a good time of my free time and holidays for windsurfing. As a result we also set up this page and we hope you will enjoy it ...


    Windsurfing Knowledge

    More about the development of our sport, famous brands & people, vintage
    brochures. Learn about board design and find links to manoeuvre guides.

    Spot info section

    Find a collection of our own surf spot reports with 25+ single spots and

    more to come...

    Story Section

    Find our story of many years Denmark (Hvide Sande) and Tim’s report about

    Video footage

    We compiled a section of cool windsurf videos from different sources.

    Including PWA, Soulwave and


    Picture Corner / PWA Sylt 201x

    Lots of pictures from the PWA World Cup Sylt..




    Weather ressources

    If you are interested how wind develops and how different factors

    influence our weather you will find here useful links to forecasts and knowledge


    Find a selected collection of 30+ webcams to surfspots around the world