Fischland/Darss/Zingst (Bodden North)

How to reach the spots?
If you arrive via Rostock (e.g. A19 from Berlin or A20 from Hamburg) change to B105 at ‘Rostock Ost‘ and follow the 105 towards Ribnitz-Damgarten and further on to Stralsund.

Exit B105 to Dierhagen (prior to Ribnitz-Damgarten) and follow L21 (Baederstrasse) to Wustrow/Ahrenshoop and further on Born/Wieck.

The Northern Spots

  1. AufzählungszeichenDierhagen (Dorf)
    Dierhagen consists of 5 parts of which Dierhagen (Dorf) is one. Exit the L21 towards ‘Dorf’ on the ‘Strandstrasse’ and follow the ‘Hafenstrasse‘ or ‘Gruene Strasse‘ towards the harbour. You will find a large parking area not far from the harbour.

    You may wish to navigate to the spot by GPS: Longitude: 54.294, Altitude:12.362

    The small sandy beach is just next to the harbour on the left. It is best for winds from S-SE.

    The spot is only suitable for windsurfer as it is not allowed to kitesurf here. One has to admit, that the entry is a bit narrow, which explains maybe why it has been closed for kitesurfers. However, the kitesurf school ‘Flitzer‘ in Dierhagen does still offer kite surfing lessons on the Bodden. You will be taken out to the spot by boat, to avoid any conflicts.

  2. AufzählungszeichenDierhagen (Daendorf)
    To reach the spot at Daendorf harbour you have to take an exit from L21 prior to the one described above. Turn right on L21 to ‘Daendorf‘ just after the exit to NVP1 and follow  ‘Dorfstrasse‘ and ‘See-Ende‘ towards the Bodden. At the end you will find a small green with an entry to the water on the left side.

    You may wish to navigate to the spot by GPS: Longitude: 54.2722, Altitude:12.3777

    Flatwater conditions with best winds from NE-SW (sideshore). Not suitable for kitesurfers due to limited space and very narrow entry to the water.

  3. AufzählungszeichenBorn
    Once you have passed Dierhagen, Wustrow, Niehagen and Ahrenshoop on the L21 you will reach Born. This village is situated just next to the national park ‘Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft’ and is characterized by it cute, colorful painted wooden houses.

    Officially you can use the beach at Regenbogen Camping (daily fee) or the ‘Surfbeach’ (parking fee) next to it, which is also administrated by them. Over night stay is not allowed at the latter. The beach opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 20 p.m. (charges €6/person in 2011, use of facilities on the camp site incl.). There is also a kite surfing school, which offers tuitions

    You will reach the spot by exiting the L21 to the right about 4km after you have left Ahrenshoop and about 2km before Born. Drive a further km on the ‘Nordstrasse’ and you will reach the camp site reception (no. 86). GPS:

    At both sides the green/beach is limited by reed, so that not much space is left, if many kite surfers are here. The beach is sandy with some stones.

    Another access is a bit further southeast of the camp site. Follow the Nordstrasse a bit further and leave it to the right to „Auf dem Schagen“ and again to the right to „Seegang“ and use the parking space at its end.

    The water is shallow at all spots up to 500m. Northeasterly to southeasterly winds are offshore, best is southwesterly as you can plane easily into the open water. Be careful as you may touch ground at some shallow sections. When there are strong winds you will have choppy water.

    There is also an ‘unofficial’ entry to the water (as shown on the pics) next to the harbour, where the chap rigged his sail and took off for a ride, when we visited Born. You will reach the harbour either by continuing your journey on the ‘Nordstrasse’ (which you will reach as described above) and stay further on ‘Chausseestrasse’. Or you can stay on the L21 until you reach Born and exit to ‘Waldstrasse’ on the right and further on ‘Chausseestrasse’ to the south in direction harbour. GPS:

    Pictures: Dierhagen (Dorf) (I-III),


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