Sailing - Seamannship

Seamanship / Seemannschaft

The term seamanship (Seemannschaft) describes certain skills which are essential for the proper use of a boat and the safety of the sailor and the crew. They include knowledge about manoeuvres,
navigation, wind and weather, technical aspects of the boat and its equipment, the safety on board, international regulation and marine law. Find out more about the respective topics by clicking on the links above or at the bottom of this page. General summaries and additional selected topics are presented below:

  1. BulletAgain our favorite, all-encompassing page (in german) is, with lots of information on seamanship (knots, optimal length of anchor chain, trimming (incl. tables), commands, sailing in strong winds, signaling (flags) etc.

  2. BulletErneut ist die sehr umfassende Seite unser Favorit mit vielen Informationen zu Knoten, Ankerkettenlaenge, Segeltrimm (inkl. ausfuehrlichen Tabellen), Segelkommandos, Starkwindsegeln, Signalflaggen etc.)

  3. BulletGeneral Information about different ascpects of seamanship - (german)

Manoeuvres / Manoever

  1. BulletManoeuvres - tack / jibe , anchoring - tips from Andreas Simoneit (german)

  2. BulletLots of Manoeuvres - (german)
    (Anlege- und Ablegemanoever, Ankern, Kurse zum Wind, Beidrehen, Reffen etc.)

Knots / Knoten

  1. BulletSeemaennische Knoten / Knots with video tutorial (very good) ( (german)
    including: Schotstek, Kreuzknoten, Palstek, Achtknoten, Webeleinstek, Stopperstek

  2. BulletThe 9 most important knots / die wichtigsten 9 Knoten: Achtknoten, Kreuzschlag, Kopfschlag (Belegen einer Klemme), Palstek, Rundtoern mit 2 halben Schlaegen, Stopperstek, Slipstek, Webeleinstek (german)

  3. BulletAndreas Simoneit shows 8 basis knots (german)

  4. BulletKnotenkunde - wikipedia (lots of knots) (german)

  5. BulletKnotenfibel - wikibooks (german)

Anchors & Anchoring
Learn more about different types of anchors, anchoring, seabeds etc.

  1. BulletGuide by Diederik Willemsen - Anchors & anchoring technique (english)

  2. BulletArticle by Bobby Schenk about a useful second anchor (german)

  3. BulletTips for anchoring / zum Ankern by Andreas Siemoneit (german)

  1. BulletGetting a licence & sailing courses

  2. BulletSeamanship / Seemanschaft

  3. BulletNavigation & maps

  4. BulletOrganisations & laws

  5. BulletTechnical information

  6. BulletOther links resources



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