Sailing - Organisation & laws

Organisations & laws

Below we have collected some links to sailing or maritime organisations and laws related to the use of a boat:

Basic Rules

  1. BulletRight-of-way rules / Wegerechte  (english)

  2. BulletNavigational Rules (Navigation Centre of Excellence, US Dept.) (english)
    incl. detailed graphs / pics

  3. BulletLights and shapes - Diederik Willemsen’s interactive guide (english)

Governmental bodies
Find some information directly from the regulatory bodies about rules, licences, navigation marks or up-to-date information on wracks etc.

  1. BulletThe British Waterways (rivers and channels) (english-general)  (english-leisure)

  2. BulletBroads Authority (Norfolk & Suffolk Broads) (english) (incl. byelaws)

  3. BulletBundesamt fuer Seeschiffahrt und Hydrography (german)

  4. BulletEnvironment Agency (Thames, Medway, rivers in East Anglia) (english) (incl. byelaws)

  5. BulletELWIS - Elektronischer Wasserstrassen-Informationsservice (german)
    Nachrichten fuer die Binnenschiffahrt (ELWIS) (
    Bekanntmachungen fuer Seefahrer (ELWIS) (

  6. BulletInternational Maritime Organization (IMO) - a UN body (english) or (direct)
    Internationale Seeschifffahrtsorganisation (

  7. BulletNorwegian Maritime Authority (sjofartsdirectorat) (norwegian) (english)

  8. BulletSchiffsmeldedienst - private company providing information on Deutsche Bucht, rivers Elbe und Weser, Nordostseekanal and numerous harbours (german)

  9. BulletWasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes (german)

Yachting or sailing organisations
National and international organizations promote sailing sports

  1. BulletDansk Sejlunion (Danish Sailing Association) (danish)

  2. BulletDeutscher Motoryachtverband e.V. (German Powerboat Federation) (DMYV)

  3. BulletDeutscher Segler Verband e.V. (German Sailing Federation) (DSV)

  4. BulletDisabled Sailing Organisation British Columbia (links to international disabled sailing organisations)

  5. BulletEstonian Sailing Organisation (estonian) (english)

  6. BulletFinish Sailing Organisation (suomi/swedish)

  7. BulletInternational Sailing Federation (ISAF)

  8. BulletNorwegian Sailing Federation (Norge Seilforbund) (norwegian)

  9. BulletRoyal Yachting Association UK (RYA)

  10. BulletRYA Scotland (english)

  11. BulletScottish Sailing Institue (Largs) (english)

  12. BulletSail Training Association Netherlands (STAN) (dutch)

  13. BulletSwedish Sailing Federation (Svenska Seglerfoerbundet) (english)

  14. BulletSwiss Sailing Organisation (german/english)

Find information about the right-of-way, the lighting of different ship types, floating marks and lights, binding marine laws/byelaws etc.

  1. BulletInternational Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREGS) (english)
    Kollisionsverhuetungsregeln (KVR) (

  2. BulletOfficial German by-law for the licences / Fuehrerscheinverordnung (ELWIS)

  3. BulletBinnenschifffahrtsstrassenordnung (BinSchStraO)(german, pdf) (incl. lighting, signals, signage etc.)

  4. BulletDonauschifffahrtspolizeiverordnung (DonauSchPVO) (german) (pdf)

  5. BulletMoselschifffahrtspolizeiverordnung (MoselSchPVO) (german) (pdf)

  6. BulletSeeschifffahrtsstrassenordnung (SeeSchStraO)(german, pdf) (incl. lighting, signals, signage etc.)

  7. BulletSchiffahrtsordnung Emsmuendung (EmsSchO) (german) (pdf)
    (applicable for the estuary of the rivers Ems & Leda)

  8. BulletRheinschifffahrtspolizeiverordnung (RheinSchPVO) (german) (pdf)

  9. BulletFurther German laws and by-laws on ELWIS (german)

  10. BulletAdmirality and law guide (comprehensive collection of links to law resources worldwide) (english)

  11. BulletBritish Maritime Law Association (english)

Certain sail boat categories

  1. BulletUeberblick / Overview ( (german)

  2. (english)

  3. BulletDeutsche 470er Klassenvereinigung (

  4. Bullet49er class (english)

  5. BulletInternational Finn Association (english)

  6. BulletInternational Topper Class Association (ITCA)

  7. BulletLaser Class (features some infos on the history/rigging tips) (english)
    Laser International (
    Laserklasse (
    International Laser Class Association - North America Region (
    Laser Class - UK (
    New Zealand Laser Class (
    Australian Laser Class (

  8. BulletInternational Optimist Dinghy Association (english) and more members worldwide (english)

  9. BulletNational Solo Class (english)

  10. BulletO-Jolle (Olympic Class) (german) (history)
    O-Jolle NL (
    dutch), AUT (german), CH (german)

  11. BulletRS Class German Association (german)
    International RS Class Association (

  12. BulletWorld Matching Tour (english)

  13. BulletZugvogel (

Some selected yachting clubs

  1. BulletRoyal Norwegian Yacht Club (english/norwegian)

  2. BulletScottish Yacht Clubs (list of clubs) (english)

Traditional ships

  1. BulletTraditional Sailing Ship Association in Finland (english)

  1. BulletGetting a licence & sailing courses

  2. BulletSeamanship / Seemanschaft

  3. BulletNavigation & maps

  4. BulletOrganisations & laws

  5. BulletTechnical information

  6. BulletOther links resources


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