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  1. BulletBobby Schenk - lots of links and useful information (german)

Harbour Guides / Reviere
Find information about harbours, mooring and interesting areas for sailing

  1. - with guides about the Baltic Sea and the North Sea (german)

  2. BulletSkipper Guide with more than 600 Marinas (german)

  3. BulletRevierinfos on ESYS (e.g. Germany) (german)

Find some links to pages with movies and pics about sailing

  1. - Movies, Magazine, News and Blogs about Sailing and Yachting (german)

  2. BulletGetting a licence & sailing courses

  3. BulletSeamanship / Seemanschaft

  4. BulletNavigation & maps

  5. BulletOrganisations & laws

  6. BulletTechnical information

  7. BulletOther links resources


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