Spot Guide - Laboe

Laboe is a small village some kilometers north east of Kiel, which is well known for its ‘marine monument’, which has been build between 1927 and 1936.

Parking space is limited directly at the beach. Try to find a space near the monument or directly at the surf station “Surfers Paradise”, where you will find the best access to the water.

For accomodation you can choose between local hotels, B&Bs and three camp sites at the street between Stein and Laboe.

There is an kiosk and toilets (not free of charge) at the beach. For food you will find amongst others an EDEKA and Aldi in Laboe or an Nahkauf in Wendtdorf.

The Spot
The sandy beach is very shallow and partly you will find (sharp) muscles on the ground. In front of the submarine, there is a deep “channel”, where you cannot stand. The spot is just next to a natural reserve, where it is not allowed to access the beach (breeding birds etc.). So one should concentrate on the middle section between the natural reserve and the swimming area, where the surf school is located.

Windsurfers start at the caravan, which is based on the beach and kite surfers can use the part on the right, which offers more space to prepare the kite.

Wind & Waves
The spot offers similar conditions as Stein. The beach faces North West and the prevailing winds are south westerly to north westerly. Easterly and south easterly are less favourable.

Due to its shallowness there are only small choppy waves, ideal conditions for beginners.

White buoys limit also at this beach an area for swimmers in summer, so respect this area for safety reasons. As the spot is next to the waterway keep out of the passage or you risk to get into the way or wake of any ship.

From Kiel follow the 502 towards the East to Laboe and Laboe “Ehrenmal” (K24). The spot is just next to the entrance of the monument.

Alternatively, if you come from the East leave the 502 towards Wendtdorf/Stein (K44) and turn left towards Laboe/Stein (K30). Leave Stein and pass the three camp sites on the right, follow the curvy street and turn right once you enter Laboe. A few hundred meters on the right you will find the surf school and car park. 

Pics I-III: Laboe main beach,
Pics IV- Surf Spot & Monument

Last 4 pics: Kitesurfer in front of the natural reserve ‘Aukrog’ (remember not to enter the beach).


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