Spot Guide - Kuehlungsborn

Kuehlungsborn is situated at the Baltic Sea, just 25km to the West of Rostock. On the way to the East you will easily find your way from the A20 towards the sea, once you have passed the city of Wismar.

The City

The small city boosts a nice sea front promenade with cute houses build in the old “Baeder”-architecture style. The sea bridge allows ferries from the neighbouring cities to stop in Kuehlungsborn and also gives nice views back to the shore line.

The Spot
There are mainly three spots at the sandy beach of Kuehlungsborn: (a) near Riedensee, (b) at the Hotel “Schloss am Meer” and (c) next to the yachting marina.

Once you enter Kuehlungsborn from the southwest follow Reriker Strasse (L12) to Poststrasse, Waldstrasse and Tannenweg towards the coast for spots (a) and (b). You will find a big parking space (hourly charges) just off Tannenweg. (a) is situated basically next to the western end of Tannenweg and (b) at the eastern end. These two spots are at the western edge of Kuehlungsborn while spot (c) is at the eastern end at the marina (just follow the signs to the marina). Entry at the hotel Schloss am Meer is basically restricted to the members of the local sailing club, but access to the sea is widely open towards the eastern part, were less people are found in the water.

Wind & Waves
The prevailing wind direction is westerly or north-westerly (side-shore or cross-on-shore from the left). All spots work best with winds from west to east and waves are approx. 1.5m on good days. Further out to the west (towards Kaegsdorf), the coastline turns towards the southwest and therefore southwesterly winds, which are cross-off-shore at (b) and (c) blow sideshore from the left, which allows an easier entry. Easterly winds are cross-off-shore at this section, but allow a somewhat sheltered entry, once it gets to heavy. The marina (c) offers some hundred meters shelter from westerly winds, but needs to be kept in distance at easterly wind.

In general several groins separate and sort the waves, but could also lead to some currents next to them. So make sure to remember their position once you head back to the beach and stay away from them.


Kuehlungsborn is also host to the German Windsurf Cup (DWC / Rollei Windsurf Cup) an there is a local school (Wassersport Zentrum Kuehlungsborn).
Don’t miss to visit nearby cities of Wismar, Heiligendamm, Rostock or Bad Doberan.

I  - sea bridge
II & III - groins / “Buhnen”
IV - near the marina (c)
V & rest - between (a) & (b)


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