Spot Guide - Heidkate

Heidkate is a well known windsurfing and kite surfing spot northeast of Kiel (part of the village “Wisch”). It boasts a nice sandy beach, which is separated by numerous stone groins into small “bays”, wide enough to enter the water comfortably.  

There is a huge p
arking area just next to the dyke area (with acceptable hourly and daily rates). The dyke consists of a very wide well kept green and some meters of sandy dune.

You will find a small wind- and kitesurfing school (Surfpirates) at the beach. An restaurant, kiosk and toilets are situated at the dyke and parking space. For accomodation have a look in the nearby villages of Stein, Heidkate, Wendtorf or Schoenberger Strand. There is also a camp site “Camping Heidkoppel” directly at the beach a bit further to the east.

The Spot
Take your gear to the wide green and enjoy the comfort of easy rigging just next to the spot. Once done, the beach is only a few meters away. Follow one of the many paths through the dunes. Make sure not to destroy the grass on top of the dunes as it is part of the shoreline protection.

Watch out for any swimmers in summer time.

Wind & Waves
Westerly/south westerly and easterly-north easterly winds are side shore with usually choppy waters. Best are westerly and north easterly as one might get some mall waves due to some shallower sand banks off the beach.

Avoiding the groins should be easy as they are far away from each other and can be located from the water quite well even on windy days.

As you are close to the main waterway for commercial ships and ferries to/from Kiel harbour, make sure to stay far enough away from any ships/wake.

From Kiel follow the 502 towards the East and once you have passed Lutterbek and Barnsbek, turn left just in front of the mill (and before Wisch). Follow the street down to the end and choose the parking space on the left side.


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