Spot Guide - Usedom Achterwasser

Usedom is the eastern most island of Germany. It is famous for its picturesque architecture in the sea resorts Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck. Already in the nineteens century they attracted visitors to the long sandy beaches at the Baltic Sea.

Follow the A20 towards the East and you will easily find the way to the three sea resorts, also nick named as “Kaiserbaeder”.

The Spots
On an island you would expect easy access to the water, which surrounds you. However, we found it difficult to find the suitable entries to the Baltic Sea, were you would not interfere with the normal crowd (swimming tourists, families on the beach etc.). Having said this, there are definitely brilliant wave spots like Karlshagen, Zinnowitz or others, which we only did not find on our first trip.

The “Stettiner Haff”, the lake like estuary of the river Oder on the southeastern side of the island, should also offer several spots. However, we tried it at “Stolpe”, a bit off the road 110, but ended up in the muddy waters of an harbour between the reed with no wind and lots of rain :-)

Below you will find two spots on the Achterwasser, the inland water (Bodden) on the southwestern side of the island: “Ueckeritz”, “Usedom - Badestelle” and “Luetow”

At the Cafe Knatter, at Hauptstrasse 36 in Ueckeritz you will find apart from a cafe a small pension a surf school.

The spot entry, a well kept green, faces to the south so that southwesterly to southeasterly winds are side-/side-on-shore and most suitable for this spot. The water is quite shallow, therefore make sure to surf a bit further outside. There are also some shallow areas outside, but in general it is a comfortable freeride and flatwater spot with a sandy entry and no big stones.

You will have to pay some € for the entry to the spot, pay directly in the surf shop. Don”t forget the sea weed fin in summer time.

Usedom - Badestelle
In the village Usedom, which gave the island its name, there is another easy entry to the Achterwasser. Exit the “Baederstrasse” to the East to “Weg zur Badestelle” and follow the partly paved, partly gravel road to the water. There is a small, limited parking area next to the water. The access and entry to the water is very easy at this spot, which faces to the West. As the water is shallow for at least 50 to 100m one can avoid the reed belt, which shelters the wind a bit from the North. Southerly and northerly winds will be sideshore and only easterly winds are offshore and most probably gusty.

The spot is situated on the peninsular “Gnitz” facing to the Southeast in the Achterwasser. One can surf directly from Ueckeritz towards the western shore at Luetow, were a watersport center offers lots of courses and entry to the water. Similar conditions as at Ueckeritz, best winds are here from Northwest to Northeast (access: leave L111 near Zinnowitz towards Neuendorf & Luetow (OVP29) and turn right in Luetow to Zeltplatzstrasse 20. Kiteboard Center.

I-VI: Ueckeritz
VII-VIII - Usedom Badestelle



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