Windsurfing Tips

How to set-up a board and rigg
Tips for the beginners

  1. BulletBrief introduction how to set-up a board and rigg, and how to store and transport it on the car or on your way to the water. Set-up (english) (german) & transport (english) (german)

  2. BulletTips from the UK ‘boards’ magazine (english)

  3. BulletBasics technique from (english)

  4. BulletTips from Peter Hart (english)
    Carving, chop hops, waterstart, correct positioning etc.

Find out more about the different moves, starting with the beachstart, uphaul, tacks and jibes further on to more advanced moves like Duck Jibe, Heli Tack, the numerous freestyle move and loops in the wave.

  1. BulletVideos of basic moves at (english)
    (beachstart, uphaul, steering, tacking, jibing, waterstart)

  2. BulletFind more moves on, ranging further from intermediate to professional levels
    (incl. 360, Aerial Jibe, Duck jibe,  Chop Hop, Heli Tack, Body Drag, Push Tack, Slam Jibe, Willy Skipper, Grubby and lots of loops and other moves) (

Collection of Online Magazine (professional and private)

  1. - french page focused on the weather forecast, but with comprehensive surf and windsurf/kitesurf spot guide (french) spot guide (french)

  2. BulletBoards - the UK (print) magazine (english)
    Travel reports, equipment tests, tour reports and a good
    beach finder for the UK

  3. - very good free equipment tests, technique, reports, videos, pics (english)

  4. BulletDaily dose - one of the best German magazine with lots of infos, pics, videos and a very good second hand platform to acquire new gear or sell old stuff (german)

  5. - french magazin (french)

  6. BulletFree Magazine - surfing, windsurfing and kiting (german)

  7. BulletFrench windsurfing blog - planchemag (french)

  8. BulletStehsegelrevue - one of the earlier online platforms, different style, but with similar content as dailydose, a bit less stylish in our opinion(german)

  9. BulletSurf Magazin - the german (print) magazine (german)

  10. - spanish web magazine and forum (spanish)

  11. BulletWindmag - also very nice french windsurf magazine with cool pics and videos (french)

  12. - reports, pics and videos about windsurfing (german)

  13. BulletWindsurf Journal - french page with pics, spot guide etc. (french)

  14. - the UK (print) magazine (english)
    Equipment tests, tour and travel reports and the best and most comprehensive beach finder for the UK (
    english)   beach finder (english)

Private Webpages

Links to some surf enthusiast

  1. - lots of links for windsurfer, kitesurfer etc. (english/german)

  2. BulletRiver Rippers - windsurfing on rivers (english)

  3. - Surf Forum and surf spot page. Cool videos and photos (german)

  4. BulletThorsten Indra - windsurfing photographer (english)

  5. Bulletwindlords - windsurfing blog (german)

  6. Bulletwindsurf gallery - lots of pics incl. heli shots and mast mounts (english/french)

Classes & Associations

  1. BulletEFPT - European Freestyle Pro Tour (english)
    Includes profile of riders and link list to their private pages (

  2. BulletFormular Experience (english)

  3. BulletIFCA - International Funboard Association (english)

  4. BulletIMO - International Mistral Class Association (english)

  5. BulletInternational Raceboard Class (english)

  6. BulletISWC - International Speed Windsurfing Class (english)

  7. BulletIWA - International Windsurfing Association (english)

  8. BulletPWA - Professional Windsurfers Association (english)

  9. BulletRS:ONE - Racing Class (english)

  10. BulletTechno293 Class (english)


  1. BulletAssociazione Italiana Classi Windsurf (italian)

  2. BulletAustralian Windsurfing (english)

  3. BulletAustrian Windsurfing (german)

  4. BulletDansk Brætsejler Organisation (Danish Boardsailer Organisation) (danish)

  5. BulletDeutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung (DSWV) (german)

  6. BulletFunboard Spain (spanish)

  7. BulletFinnish Boardsailing Association (finnish/english/swedish)

  8. BulletFédération Française de Voile (french)

  9. BulletNederlandse Vereniging van Wedstrijdsurfers (NVW) (dutch)

  10. BulletPolish Windsurfing Asscoiation (polish)

  11. BulletSvenska Vindsurfing Förbundet (swedish)

  12. BulletUK Windsurfing Association (english)

  13. BulletUS Windsurfing Association (english)

History and technical design

Windsurfing background: Brands & Shaper
(soon to come)


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