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Sardegna and Corsica are the Italian/French twins in the Mediterranean Sea. We flew to Sardegna in May with a very convenient 2h flight from Germany. From the airport Olbia we took a rental car and drove along the beautiful Costa Smeralda towards the North East. It is a not very densely populated area and although popular with tourists, local planning regulation has prevented the usual concrete tourist blocks, which have destroyed so many nice areas along e.g. the Spanish coast.

We choose a nice, small hotel up in the hills not far away from Baja Sardegna and just 30km/min away from Porto Pollo. 

The Spot
Porto Pollo is a quite popular spot in the North of Sardegna a bit west of the small harbour town of Palau.

The spot boasts two connected bays, which are basically separated by a small “land bridge”, which connects the beach with a small island called Isola dei Gabbiani, an island mainly used as camp site.

The interesting feature of this spot is, that regardless whether you have westerly or easterly winds, you will always have a spot, which has some choppy waves and one with totally flat water. Especially the spot on the west side offers some higher waves at the opening towards the sea. However, the next real wave spots in this part of Sardegna are along the north-west coast, not far from Rena Majore and along the coastal road SP90 down to Isola Rossa and Castelsardo.

Along the beach of Porto Pollo you will find 3 or 4 wind and kite surfing schools. A bit further to the west, about in the middle of the bay, you can find a another windsurf school with - at that time - Drops boards. We found people here much more easy going than on the main beach and therefore chose to rent our gear at this place. It is a bit difficult to find your way, but with a good map you will find your way. Coming from Porto Pollo turn right onto the main road SS133 towards Capannacia and choose in Ponte Liscia, the SS133bis towards Porto Pozzo. Before you can turn left to San Pasquale, you have to follow a small, partly gravel or sandy road back to the bay. At the end there are several parking spaces and two buildings just next to the bay, one of which houses the small surf station.

In general be careful and think about wearing neopren shoes. The rounded granite rocks look very smooth, but there are lots of small muscles with sharp edges and some sea urchins, with very long stingers. You better keep away from those !!!

Left 1, 3: Costa Smeralda just north of Olbia
Left 2, 4-6: Spots on the (North) West Coast
Left 7: Porto Pollo

Right 1: Bay south of Olbia (Nodu Pianu)
Right 2: Porto Cervo


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